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If you're looking for a unique and exciting way to give treats to your VIP then you should be sure to check out the new Wild Flavours Treat Box in big boy/girl size! 


This full sized box contains a variety of delicious treats which are sure to satisfy your pooch or pooches. 


With each box containing;


4 x gourmet 100% Wild Boar meat chews

4 x delectable 100% Venison meat chews and

4 x tempting rabbit ears with fur

2 x crunchy puffed pig snouts


your pooch will be sure to love all of the tasty morsals contained within. 

Not only do these treats taste great they're made with high-quality natural ingredients and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.


Our new box is perfect for those with a couple of pooches who like to snack (and don't like sharing!) and to trial the new treats we are selling individually.


Show your dog/s you care and give them the best with the new and exciting Wild Flavours Treat Box. 


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Wild Flavours Treat Box

£23.49 Regular Price
£11.75Sale Price
  • Wild Boar meat chews

    Ingredients - 100% Wild Boar

    Nutritional information - crude protein 59.6%, crude oil and fats 12.1%, moisture 7.6%, crude ash 2.9% and fibre 1.68%

    Other information - relevanat for all treats in this box.

    • Please keep in a dry and cool place away from sunlight.
    • Not suitable for human consumption.
    • Supervision on all natural treats is advised.

    Rabbit Ears

    Ingredients - 100% Rabbit Ears with fur

    Nutritional information - crude protein 52.2%, crude oil and fats 21.3%, moisture 0%, crude ash 17% and fibre 0.01%

    Other - Feeding guide, suitable for all dog breeds and puppies from 12+ weeks, fur can be used as a natural dewormer. Please ensure your pet has plenty of fresh water daily. 

    Venison meat chews

    Ingredients - 100% deer meat

    Nutritional information - crude protein 76.8%, crude oil and fats 9.4%, moisture 4.2%, crude ash 5.1% and fibre 0.8%

    Puffed Pig snout

    Ingredients - 100% pork, natural and dried puffed pig snout

    Nutritional information - crude protein 58%, crude oil and fats 26.2%, moisture 11%, crude ash 5.2% and fibre 0.5%

    Other - feeding guide - suitable for dogs from 8+ weeks. 

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