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Our venison antler chews come in a variety of sizes, providing a natural alternative to dental sticks and nasty filled commercial chews that is sure to keep your dog entertained for hours on end!


Antlers are an excellent source of entertainment and are extremely long lasting, making them a great choice for your dog's teeth.


If that wasn't enough, as an added bonus, they don't smell and won't leave a sticky mess on the floor, winner winner!


As with all treats and chews, always supervise your dog when they're going to town on one of these little beauties and remove if large pieces start to break off.


Please note - as we're newbies we don't yet have branding on our natural loose products so all the nutritional information can be found here.

100% Venison Antlers - dog chews (various sizes)

PriceFrom £5.98

Clearance sale - 50% off ALL items

  • Our antlers come in 3 sizes, 

    Extra small = 30g - 49g

    Small = 50g - 75g

    Medium = 76 - 150g

    Antlers offer the following benefits

    Long lasting

    Low fat

    High protein

    Grain free


    Dental hygiene

    Chicken free

    Made in Britain 

  • Composition - 100% Venison Antler

    Analystical Consituents - Protein 37%, Fat 0.1%, Moisture 5.9%, Ash 55%

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