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Lord and Lady Mutt

A quality store which stocks a range of natural treats and chews for the most discerning dogs. It's your dogs favourite shop

A place where your pets are our family members too


Why do dogs love our shop?

We are a family owned and operated online pet treat store which is dedicated to providing your furry loved ones with the best possible treats. 
At Lord and Lady Mutt we strongly believe dogs are family and we want to help you keep them happy and healthy. 
Our treats are made with only the finest ingredients and they are all-natural, gluten-free, grain free and no rawhide. Our doggy afternoon treats are also organic so really are the very best treats which can be offered.  
We know you want the best for your VIP (Very Important Pooch) and that’s why we offer FREE DELIVERY on all our treat selection boxes. 
These boxes are a great way to try a variety of treats and find the one your VIP loves the most.  

Our items include:  dog training treats, healthy snacks for dogs and puppies, homemade treats, natural chews, fancy treats, fish treats for dogs - packed with Omega 3. Long lasting K2 Yak chews, puppy biscuits & dog treat selection boxes.

Nothing but the best for your dogs and puppies.


Show them the love, they deserve it!

If you want to know more about us before you buy - feel free to learn who we are and why Lord and Lady Mutt was created:

About Us

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