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Dog friendly holidays!

Dogs are part of the family, and deserve to be part of the family holiday experience too. The new sights, smells, adventures and just being with you is all they could want and dream of.

If you plan to holiday within the UK, don't leave them at home! Over the past decade the options for luxury Dog Friendly holidays have increased significantly. No longer do you have to slum it an outside shed, or sit in a lounge that smells like a piggery. Owners of holiday accommodation are now much more welcoming to you and your furry best friends.

Dog Friendly holiday
Dotty loved her holiday

Where is the best place to look for a Luxury Dog Friendly Holiday?

It may seem obvious, but it probably isn't. There are many places that state to be dog friendly, but when you look at the small print they may state "dogs not allowed upstairs", "dogs not allowed on the bed," "you will be charged two hundred pounds for every dog hair found". etc etc. So you need to be careful. Check the small print!

Dog Friendly Cottages have a huge amount of holidays where you can take your dog and be comfortable knowing that the owners are actual dog owners themselves and know how to cater for them.

Air bnb and Holiday Lettings can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to the terms and conditions. I understand that nobody wants their antique drawers chewed by a great dane, or their prized rug looking as though its been dragged through a bush - but you need to be realistic!

On a recent trip to Devon we stayed in a luxury lodge, which was very dog friendly - had an enclosed outside space and was close to all the dog friendly beaches. We'd certainly recommend Great Field Lodges

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Sep 24, 2023

Love the website - if only we had a dog!!!!

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